Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is Simple!

Give guests an opportunity to connect with and enjoy nature, whether it is surfing atop Rincon’s perfect wave, hiking through magnificent tropical terrain, or lounging on one of the many scenic beaches. We want to teach children and remind adults of the importance of being eco-responsible.

Surf787 has something for all ages…… ..a relaxing resort atmosphere exclusively for adults from December through April and a summer camp for kids from June through September. Beginners as well as experienced surfers will have the opportunity to enjoy the awesome waves and beautiful beaches of Rincon.

We believe that understanding the fragility of the ocean and the vulnerability of the environment is essential for everyone, Surf787 provides our guests with a limitless surf experience and offers an opportunity to connect with nature in the water and on the shore.

A native of Brazil, Roger has been surfing since the age of 12 and has taught the sport for the past sixteen years. Roger has surfed the shores of Australia, Fiji, Brazil, Hawaii, Peru, Portugal, France, Mexico, Central America, Maldives, Indonesia and California. He leads a team of experienced CPR-trained surf instructors who provide exceptional surf instruction and positive reinforcement.

Roger Wagner will make your stay at Surf787 truly memorable.

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